Who is representing your interests when you buy your Orlando property?

Here in Florida, the Florida Real Estate Commission assumes that agents are working as Transaction Brokers, which makes it easy to facilitate a transaction, but does not allow us to favor a buyer's interest over those of a seller. The only way we are legally allowed to fully represent a buyer's interests, including offering our opinions and advice and negotiating on behalf of our buyer, is to work under what is known as Single Agency. When we work under an Exclusive Buyer Representation Agreement, we automatically work as a Single Agent and are then free to work for your interests and only your interests, as our buyer.

Remember also that a listing agent cannot legally fully represent your interests as a buyer, so why drive around calling individual listing agents for information about their listing, when you can have your own buyer representation on any property?

Every Realtor has access to all the very same properties that are for sale, so we can all simply show you a number of available properties and sell you one, but there is a lot more to it than that. Our business model is a lot different from most other brokerages. We are very low-key, no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is Realtors and each member of our small, dedicated team of agents is very experienced and knowledgeable, each spending a lot of quality time with each individual buyer to make sure we find the right property for each buyer’s personal criteria. It takes a lot of work on our part to sift through all the possible properties to make sure that what our buyers are buying is suitable for their needs. Because time is very valuable to us all and we take our buyer’s needs very seriously, we need to be able to determine that those buyers we are helping are actually serious about buying and as committed to working only with us as we are committed to helping them.

Since there is no additional charge for you to hire us as your Buyer's Agent, doesn't it make sense?

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