Need to transfer money into or out of the US for your next real estate transaction?

When you buy or sell a property in the US and you live in another country, you will need to perform one or more currency transactions. Some people prefer to simply contact their bank and instruct them to buy their currency for them. However, there are potential huge savings to be had by using a 'specialist currency broker'.

Dolby Properties is pleased to have Moneycorp as our preferred foreign currency service. Over the years, they have proved to us and our clients that their service is excellent. Please mention that you were referred by Dolby Properties in Orlando. They are very well known and very well established and we highly recommend them.


Understanding currency volatility ...
Moneycorp understands that buying or selling significant amounts of currency can be an overwhelming task. It is essential to understand that when you agree to buy property abroad, you are exposed to 'currency risk', because ignorance could cost you thousands of dollars!

Customer service and efficient processing ...
With several years experience helping clients to buy and transfer currency for a property abroad, Moneycorp understands your needs and they also appreciate that each client is different. You will have access to your own personal currency dealer and you get help whenever you need it. Saving money on the exchange rate is only a small part of the service they offer; timing and good communication between all parties is also essential.

'Spot' and 'Forward' currency contracts ...
If you need to buy currency you simply agree an exchange rate with your currency dealer; with more time you could ask him/her to monitor the market and call you at a 'target' rate. However, if you are worried that future exchange rates might increase your costs but you are not in a position to buy currency yet, you can fix a rate via a 'forward currency contract'. To do this you only need to have access to a percentage of the funds initially. It is simply a mechanism to 'buy now, pay later' where you are no longer exposed to currency movements.

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