Do you prefer a brand new home? Dolby Properties works with all the major builders.

After a few years of slowdown in the new home building industry, resulting from the financial crisis, the Orlando area is again experiencing a huge increase in new home construction.

Dolby Properties works with all of the area builders, all of which seem to currently have some very good deals and incentives, so we are very happy to represent you as a buyer if you prefer to buy a brand new home. It is important for you to know that when you buy a new home, the salespeople in the model home/sales center work directly for the builder/developer and therefore their loyalty is to their employer the builder, who is the home seller. No matter how pleasant and helpful they are, they do not represent your interests. You should be represented in all real estate purchase transactions by a licensed real estate professional and preferably a Realtor, who not only has the necessary education, experience and knowledge to advise you, but must also abide by a very strict Code of Ethics. This is especially true when dealing with new home purchases, as oftentimes, the developer's salesperson is not a licensed real estate professional (in the State of Florida, everyone selling real estate must be properly licensed, unless working for a new home builder).

It is also important to know that even if you buy directly from a builder/developer, you will pay no less for your home than you would by buying through a Realtor. When you buy direct from a builder, they just get to keep more of the money they would normally be paying us in commission and they don't pass those savings onto you, the buyer, so you may as well have the added protection of Realtor representation. We will always be sure to advise you of any builder incentives and you will still get all the best available deals when buying the property through us.

Please be aware that if you are driving around looking at model homes on your own without us there, you will be asked to register with the builder. Unless you tell them upfront that you are working with Dolby Properties as your Realtor, we will be unable to help you. When using Dolby Properties to represent you, you will not only have added protection, but we will handle everything for you during the months in which your home is being built. We will regularly send you photos and progress reports and will handle any communication between you and the builder and we stay in touch with you long after the sale.

So to recap why you should use us to help you when you want to buy a new home:
-We work with all the builders and can take you to see every new home neighborhood in our area.
-You get the same price, discounts and incentives from the builder whether you buy directly from them or through us.
-We stay in touch with you long after the sale for assistance and advice.

So, if you are interested in buying a new home, e-mail us today to get started, at:

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Dolby Properties Inc
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